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With Our Systems Administration Services take the complexity out of platform management for you. Let echoMountain manage your systems with our world-class talent. Our experts fully understand the complexities of managing a wide diversity of systems to enable your business to succeed. Our Systems Administration Services provide a complete solution including systems administration, reporting, network, backup and security services.

Our Systems Administration Service saves you time and money. Your logistics costs can be significantly reduced through the use of our experts who can perform many of your basic administration duties your business requires. Our systems administration service provides the crucial services for end-to-end management of your equipment, ensuring 100% uptime for 24x7x365 operations.

Our expert team consists of

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators (MCSA) supporting Microsoft Windows 2003 Server environments
  • RedHat Linux Certified Engineers (RHCE) supporting RedHat Linux AS and ES
  • Novell Certified Linux Professionals (Novell CLP) supporting SuSE
  • Solaris Certified Systems Administrators for the Solaris Operating System
  • Certified Network Engineers supporting Cisco, HP, F5, Foundry network equipment

Standard systems administration include:

  • Operating System Patch Installation
  • DNS Configurations
  • Operating System Network Configuration
  • Hardware maintenance and management through vendor warranties
  • Email account creation using our Total-Protection Email Services

The following systems administration services are offered as part of our On-Demand Experts service which is available upon request and is charged an hourly rate in quarterly hour increments.

  • User Account Maintenance
  • File Space Management
  • Script Development
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Service Restarts
  • Systems Configuration and Planning
  • System performance data collection and analysis
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Load Balancer Administration and Configuration
  • Network switch and router configuration
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) configuration
  • Backup Configuration and Management
  • Web Server Administration
  • SSL Certificate Installation and Administration
  • Business-specific functions such as updating data on your server
  • Application Code Debugging and Recommendations