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Best-Practices Data Center Redundant Power & UPS

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 Premium Data Center Redundant Power & UPS

Highly reliable power is imperative for critical server operations. Our entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation even during a blackout. UPS systems prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts while redundant backup diesel generators provide additional fuel to keep the data center powered up in the event that public utility fails. The entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation. The overall system is 2N+1 redundant, including each component within the parallel electrical systems. the system includes:

  • AC raceways with 2N distribution
  • AC power delivery via distributed redundant UPS systems
  • Batteries with at least 7 minutes full load operation
  • Diesel engine generators take roughly 8 seconds to synchronize and assume load;
  • 48 hours worth of generate fuel
  • Contracts with multiple fuel providers
  • Isolation K factor transformers used for 480 volt UPS to 208/ 120 volt. K factor of K20; 80 degrees Centigrade rise; copper winding, dc system fuse protection; -48 volt delivery via fuse panels; Power filtering in UPS systems.
  • Redundant AC powered connections to server equipment fed from diverse sources.

The power systems used are designed to meet the diverse needs of clients and are equipped with a level of redundancy that guarantees continuous operation. To ensure that our data center is always operational all the time, a multi-layer power generation system, using the highest grade equipment available, is in place. Conditioned AC and DC power with two independent A & B power buses, respectively, are available to customers. In addition, UPS battery and diesel generators back up every power system. Every month, the backup diesel generations are tested at full load to make sure they are in proper functioning order in case of power grid failure.

 Enterprise Class Rack Power Systems
Each cabinet is configured with one primary 30 Amp 208V circuits and one redundant 30 Amp 208V circuits, providing 4,368 Watts of primary and redundant power to enterprise class servers. echoMountain only utilizes 60-70% of a circuits available power to allow for peak usage periods during reboots and high traffic so as not to exceed the circuits maximum current draw.
 Mission Critical High Voltage
echoMountain utilizes 208V circuits allowing our client's servers to draw less current at 208V than at 120V. Therefore, your server will run cooler which will reduce the long-term risk of degradation or failure. Each receptacle has its own circuit breaker, isolation the load to your server and reducing the chance of a different load tripping your server's breaker. Power receptacles are locking, using the twist-lock type plug, which reduces the chance of dislodging them. Furthermore, the quality of the contacts in 208V receptacles is generally higher than 120V receptacles, which greatly reduces the chance of intermittent connections. Technically, 208V is a superior choice for powering computing equipment when compared with 120V due to lower current draw.
 Redundant Architecture for Dual Power Supply Servers
For servers with redundant power supplies, each corded power supply is connected to a different APC's Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU), which are in turn connected to separate and diverse power sources (primary and redundant) providing full redundancy to echoMountains redundant power grid and providing 100% power availability.
 Remote Power Management
echoMountain utilizes APC's Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDU) that allow our clients to remotely control power to individual outlets allowing the recycle of power to locked-up servers via a web-based interface.