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Air control is critical in maintaining reliable, fast, and efficient performance for our client's enterprise server equipment. To create the right environment, our data centers are fitted with a comprehensive HVAC system that delivers constant, cool environment that is conducive to our client's mission-critical servers and operations.

To provide optimum conditions for server operation and minimize downtime due to server failure, the HVAC system provides appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity. Redundancy features provide additional protection for our client's mission critical operations. Air-cooled package chillers arranged in N+1 redundancy configuration and backed up by generator supply is adopted to provide round-the-clock chilled water supply to the precision air conditioner units throughout the data center.

 Enterprise Class Rack Cooling Strategy

The increasing power of new high-performance processor technology requires increased cooling efficiency for rack-mounted servers. echoMountain utilizes HP 10000 Series Racks which provide enhanced airflow for maximum cooling, allowing these racks to be fully loaded with servers using the latest processors. Our enterprise racks are cooled with 6 redundant extractor fans that enhance natural convection cooling by increasing the airflow in the rack. In addition, echoMountain utilizes blanking panels in unused vertical space in rack enclosures which prevents cooled air from bypassing the server intakes and prevents hot air from recycling.

echoMountain also utilizes best practices for our rack arrangements by alternating "hot" and "cold" aisles as shown below. Server fronts (intakes) face a cold aisle and hot air exhausts into the hot aisle.