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echoMountain can implement and manage a Microsoft or Linux private cloud that delivers many of the benefits of public cloud computing - including self-service, scalability, and elasticity - with the additional control and customization available from dedicated resources. Building your own private cloud gives you additional flexibility, and in some cases can provide better security and regulatory compliance. echoMountain's staff are experts in architecting, building, and deploying private cloud solutions. We have managed such private clouds for global financial and insurance companies.

  • Private clouds provide each customer with physically separated environments on their own dedicated hardware;
  • Private clouds leverage our high levels of security, reliability, performance, customization, and services;
  • echoMountain can assist you in the design, configuration and deployment of your private cloud;
  • echoMountain manages your private cloud 24x7x365 as well as the software, licensing, network and data center infrastructures;
  • Quickly scale your private cloud with our rapid hardware deployment capabilities;
  • Our On-Demand Cloud Load Balancer solution provides a high-availability, scalable, solution without a lot of effort or expense on your part;
  • echoMountain supports HP CloudSystem Matrix, VMWare Private Cloud and vCloud, Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center, and Dell vStart Virtualization technologies;
  • Managed support is handled using our On Demand Experts™ so that you may leverage our skills in managing your private cloud;
  • Utilize hardware resource and utility billing for your virtual machines (VM's);
  • 100% Service Level Agreements and guarantees.