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 Network Security Infrastructure

echoMountain utilized a network security infrastructure that protects your mission critical servers. Though the use of 3rd Generation systems from Cisco, our network is protected from Network Denial of Service attacks. Blended threats from worms, viruses, and trojan horses, turbo worms and widespread system hacking.

 Cisco IOS Firewall Services

All clients are protected behind our shared Cisco IOS Firewall, a stateful inspection firewall. The firewall protects the perimeter of the echoMountain network. Clients have the option of adding additional firewall equipment within their own VLAN.

 Cisco VPN Connectivity

Our clients are able to connect to their server equipment through VPN Tunneling and Encryption. Our redundant, high performance VPN hardware which is embedded into the integrated services routers provide performance up to four times faster that standard VPN tunnels Standard support is provided for software remote access clients using Cisco VPN concentrators provide automatic distribution of load across multiple VPN servers.

 Cisco Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

echoMountain utilizes Cisco's Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) as an in-line deep-packet, inspection-based solution that helps enable Cisco IOS Software to effectively mitigate network attacks. The IPS can drop traffic, send an alarm , or reset the connection, which enables the router to respond immediately to security threats and protect the network. Our IPS configuration protects against "most-likely" worm and attack signatures. Traffic matching these high confidence-rated worm and attack signatures which are configured to be dropped.

 Customer VLANs

VLANS are used to increase the security of echoMountain's network environment. echoMountain utilizes Layer 2 (L2) switches from HP supporting Virtual LANS or VLANs. VLANs have the ability to provide additional security in a network environment. Clients network traffic is isolated with their VLAN allowing no other client to see other clients network traffic.