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echoMountain enterprise monitoring, notification and reporting service ensures infrastructure availability and performance across a wide range of hardware, operating systems, applications and technologies. Our service is the industry’s first and leading agentless system monitoring solution designed to ensure the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures — e.g., servers, operating systems, network devices, network services, applications, and application components. This proactive, Web-based infrastructure monitoring and network monitoring solution is lightweight, highly customizable, and doesn't require high overhead agents on your production systems. With our enterprise monitoring services, you gain the real-time information you need to verify infrastructure operations, stay apprised of problems, and solve bottlenecks before they become critical.

Enterprise Monitoring, Notification & Reporting

 Proactive Infrastructure Health & Performance Monitoring

echoMountain Managed Enterprise Monitoring Services continuously monitors the availability of your company’s business critical systems and network services including URL and URL sequences and sends alerts when failures occur. Key business systems can be monitored 24x7. echoMountain offers easy, self-service administration via a web browser interface that can monitor over 65 different targets for critical health and performance characteristics such as utilization, response time, usage and resource availability. Thresholds can be set that enable you to receive proactive alerts before end users experience problems. Our enterprise monitoring services also specializes in Website monitoring and Website management with powerful features such as URL content monitoring, URL sequence monitoring and link checks.

 Flexible Notification Methods

echoMountain's enterprise monitoring includes standard notification methods such as e-mail, pager, and SMS devices. It also offers additional notification methods such as post and database alerts. Plus, it can automatically generate a management report and alert different people depending on the severity of a problem.

 Automatic Corrective Actions

Following an alert, our monitoring service can take action automatically using packaged or custom corrective action scripts. Restarting servers, clearing disk space and executing commands are all corrective actions that are included in our monitoring services' packaged corrective action scripts. echoMountain Managed Enterprise Monitoring Services also supports the use of regular expressions thereby offering superior flexibility in scripted actions.

 Comprehensive Management Reports

echoMountain Managed Enterprise Monitoring Services built-in management reports provide daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of monitor readings, allowing administrators to identify usage trends, diagnose bottlenecks, and make long-term plans for system changes and upgrades. Management reports can be viewed on-line via secure URL or our service can automatically send them to a list of e-mail addresses. Administrators can schedule management reports to be generated during off-peak hours. Collected data can also be sent to most databases providing the flexibility to integrate with other reporting packages.