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 echoMountain's Best Practices Server — HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server

The following server is echoMountain's current Best Practices Server. This server provides an ideal configuration for high-performance and availability. While this server provides an ideal solution for most customers, it may not meet your exact needs, echoMountain can work with you to understand your requirements and propose an ideal solution.

Part # Qty Ext
HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server X5675 SFF 24GB 639830-005 1 $5,995.20
  • (2) Six-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor X5675 (3.06 GHz, 12MB L3 Cache, 95W, DDR3-1333)
  • 24GB (6x4GB) PC3-10600R (DDR3-1333) Registered DIMMs
  • Two HP NC382i Dual Port Multifunction Gigabit Server Adapters
  • HP Smart Array P410i/1GB FBWC Controller
  • (2) 750W Hot Plug Power Supplies




HP 900GB 6G SAS 10K rpm SFF (2.5-inch) Enterprise 3yr Warranty Hard Drive 619291-B21 4 $ 4,440.40
Sub-total $ 10,435.60
Shipping $ 101.74
Sales Tax $ 730.49
Grand Total $ 11,267.83

 echoMountain World Class Data Center Services — Sample Pricing

The following table shows echoMountain pricing based on the best practices server shown above.

  Qty Non
Per Unit
Per Unit
World Class Data Center Services
Space: World Class High Security Data Center
per Rack Unit (RU)
2 $ 280.00 $ 60.00 $ 560.00 $ 120.00
Redundant Power & Cooling:
208V, 2N+1 UPS (Battery, Diesel Generators),
2N+1 Cooling
per Amp @ 208V and 50% System Utilization
1.5 $ 160.00 $ 200.00 $ 240.00 $ 300.00
Redundant 1 Gbps Network Connectivity,
Cisco VPN and PIX Firewall Services
per Networked Equipment
1 $ 570.00 $ 80.00 $ 570.00 $ 80.00
Load Balancing Services using Foundry Networks Server Iron 450
per Server
0 $ 300.00 $ 100.00 - -
Burstable Bandwidth
1 Mbps @ 95th Percentile, On Demand 0 $ 225.00 - - -
1 Mbps @ 95th Percentile, Committed Data Rate 0 $ 210.00 $ 210.00 - -
2 Mbps @ 95th Percentile, Committed Data Rate 0 $ 200.00 $ 400.00 - -
3 Mbps @ 95th Percentile, Committed Data Rate 0 $ 190.00 $ 570.00 - -
5 Mbps @ 95th Percentile, Committed Data Rate 0 $ 170.00 $ 850.00 - -
Equipment & Software
Equipment Quote
(See Best Practices Server - HP ProLiant DL380G7 Server above)
1 $ 11,267.83   $ 11,267.83 -
Pre-Configured Equipment Installation, per Item 1 $ 340.00 - - -
Un-Configured Equipment Installation,
Operating System Configuration,
Network Configuration
per Item
1 $ 580.00 - $ 580.00 -
Microsoft Windows Svr Std All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Proc Unauthenticated (SPLA) 2   $ 18.00 - $ 36.00
Microsoft SQL Svr Standard Edtn Win32 All Lng Lic/SA Pack MVL 1 Processor License (SPLA) 0 - $ 205.00 - -
Professional Services
On Demand Experts™, Professional Services
per hour
0 $ 180.00 - - -
On Demand Experts™, Professional Services - Bundle
pre-purchased 4 hour blocks
0 - $ 580.00 - -
Enterprise Services
Enterprise Monitoring, Notification & Reporting (SiteScope)
per monitoring point
0 $ 150.00 $ 10.00 - -
Enterprise Load Testing (Keynote Test Perspective;
per 30 minute increments, max load 5,000 users Washington D.C. and San Francisco
0 $ 2,000.00 - - -
Data Protection Services
Disk-to-Disk (D2D) Backup with Network Attached Storage (NAS)
per 25GB / 30 Days
1 - $ 80.00 - $80.00
Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) Backup with Off-Site Data Protection from Iron Mountain
per 25GB / 30 Days
0 - $ 200.00 - -
Bare Metal Quick Disaster recovery Option
per Server
0 - $ 40.00 - -
Additional Services          
IP Addresses 1 - $10.00 - $10.00
DNS Zones 1 - $5.00 - $5.00
GRAND TOTAL: $ 11,847.83 $ 551.00

 Best Practices for Dedicated Servers

When choosing and configuring a server solution that meets your business needs, echoMountain utilizes our list of "best-practices" for dedicated servers. When determining the best server to meet your needs, performance, availability, expandability, storage and cost should all be considered. echoMountain recommends the following configurations for most customers:

  • The use of redundant power supplies — echoMountain's data center utilizes redundant power grids and provides an ideal environment for servers with redundant power supplies. Redundant power supplies protect your business application in the event of a power supply failure or a power failure on either the primary or redundant power grids. While our power infrastructure is engineered with redundant battery and diesel generators, in order to achieve 100% uptime, it is essential to have redundant power supplies. See more on our Redundant Power Infrastructure.
  • RAID-5 Disk Array with Battery Backed Cache and RAID-10 Disk Arrays For I/O Intensive Databases — RAID-5 offers your business data integrity by adding one drive capacity worth of parity information. This type of drive configuration can sustain one drive failure per array, regardless of the number of drives in the array. RAID-5 has the highest read data transaction rate, making it an ideal solution for application server and database servers. RAID-5 is also efficient, meaning use of disk storage. RAID-5 Requires a minimum of 3 disk drives. echoMountain recommends the use of an 4 disk drives which includes an extra hot spare disk drive in the event of a disk failure, the hot spare is automatically included in the array to replace the failed drive.
  • Multiple CPUs and Dual Core Processors — For internet based applications that make use of application servers, web servers, and database servers, it is critical that multiple tasks can occur simultaneously for multiple users. A dual cpu system is critical. Intel provides Xeon processors which have two CPU's contained within. Having a system of two Xeon processors provides you with a system that has essentially four processors. The latest server technology also utilizes Dual Core Xeon systems, the combining of two Xeon processors onto one core, thus providing a total of 4 CPUs per core. On traditional two processor systems such as the HP ProLiant DL380, the use of Dual Core technology will provide you with 8 CPU's total.
  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Drives — SAS drives are the next generation storage solution for your business. SAS integrates two established technologies, combining proven utility, reliability and performance attribututes of the SCSI protocol with the performance advantages of serial architecture. SAS offers improved performance of 6.0Gb and beyond.
  • Dual Port 1Gb Network Cards — echoMountain's infrastructure uses redundant network paths to protect your servers connection to the internet. Separate network paths utilize Hot Standby Router Protocol, and network interface redundancy to ensure your server is always accessible over the internet, even in the event of a carrier failure, switch failure, or cable failure.
  • 24 GB Minimum RAM — use 4GB SIMMS as a minimum to plan for future memory needs.
  • Disk-to-Disk Backups — RAID does not protect your data in the event that all hard drives are destroyed. Disk-to-Disk (D2D) Backups as well as Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) backups provides an additional level of data protection. If your company has Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, you should consider Tape Backups. Read more on our Data Protection Services.
  • Enterprise Monitoring — While a server can provide fault tolerance, there are occasions that services and applications running on your server can fail under certain unforseen circumstances such as invalid data within your application or database. echoMountain recommends the use of enterprise monitoring solutions that detect, notifiy, and correct such errors. Read more on our Enterprise Monitoring Services.
  • Expandability — You should plan on business growth through the use of servers that offer some form of expandability, i.e., the addition of disk drives, processors and memory. The Dell PowerEdge R810 and HP ProLiant DL380 G7 are two servers that echoMountain recommends for an ideal balance between expandability and cost. There are other ways to plan your business's growth and meet your expandability need through the use of clustering technology and load balancers. Read more on our Load Balancing Services