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echoMountain is a leading provider of information technology outsourcing solutions for companies managing business-critical applications and network infrastructures. Our focus is on providing best-in-class services to our clients with emphasis on managing business-critical application infrastructures for investment and financial institutions

echoMountain specializes in managing complex application and database environments which utilize J2EE and .NET technologies. We manage mission-critical applications with daily transactions of over $8.0 billion. We offer service from our world-class data centers in Chicago, providing our clients with a world-class network infrastructure and on-demand experts to manage their business critical applications.

echoMountain was established in 1996 and initially provided Enterprise Consulting and application management services. echoMountain was one of the first companies in 1998 to offer Java based (J2EE/JSP/Servlet) managed infrastructure services on the Internet.

Building upon over a decade of internet application infrastructure experience, our secret has been a uniquely empowering ability to combine the best practices and security of traditional data centers with the agility and responsiveness required for successful e-Business.


Customer Service and Flexibility Customers are first. We will provide flexible and responsive service to ensure total customer satisfaction
Quality   To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our work must always meet the high standards of our customers. We provide our customers with senior experts to quickly and accurately address our customers needs.
Business Partnerships   By developing a partnership with our customers, we share in the responsibility for satisfying business objectives. We build our business around our clients and their success. Through account teams, we take the time to understand our customers business and help them achieve success.
Perform   We respect our customer's deadlines and objectives through the understanding that our customer's success is our own and providing quick response to our customers requests ultimately leads to our own success.
Excel   To cultivate and grows our industry leadership and expertise in Application Infrastructure Management

 Areas of Expertise
Our Corporate Philosophy is realized through four key areas of expertise:
Application Development, Database & Architecture Expertise Our team is comprised of Application, Database and Enterprise Architects who have extensive development experience of Enterprise and Web based applications for Fortune 500 companies. We currently manage extensive web based application infrastructures for clients both large and small.
Systems Administration Expertise   Our team is comprised of Certified Network Administrators for Solaris Operating Systems; Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators; and Red Hat Certified Engineers.
Networking Expertise   Our team has consulted closely with Level(3) Communications on the architecture and operations of their global IP network. Our team also is comprised of Cisco Certified Experts.
Monitoring and Reporting Expertise   Our comprehensive 24x7x365 visibility through enterprise monitoring systems go beyond simply up/down measurement and performance statistics and have the expertise to monitor production applications and database for component level transactions