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World Class Managed Data Center Colocation and Private Cloud Services

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Our Managed Data Center Colocation and Private Cloud Solutions
for your Business-Critical Internet Applications

Today, more than ever, businesses face a rapidly shifting landscape in IT infrastructures. Businesses need to maximize budgets and resources despite an environment of ever changing requirements for applications, servers, data centers, security and networks. We can help.

Our Best-Practices services deliver an integrated solution of industry leading reliability and performance. By combining the best-in-class data center offerings, high performance, low latency network services, and our On Demand Experts™, we deliver an integrated, high quality colocation solution for your business-critical internet operations.

 Server/Cluster Management  
World-class high-performance solutions from HP and Dell engineered and configured for best practices to meet your businesses' application and infrastructure needs within our managed world-class data center.

A business critical application requires more than a dedicated server to run a successful business with 100% uptime and scalability to meet the demands of a growing customer base. echoMountain also provides load balancing, firewall and disk storage solutions to meet your growing needs.


 World Class Data Center  
Our world class data center adheres to criteria and checklists for Data Center Best Practices for stringent performance and service requirements including Security, Availability, Scalability and Management as well as strict and efficient adherence to SAS 70 controls and safeguards for hosting and processing data belonging to our customers business critical internet applications.


 On Demand Experts™  

Our Professional Services compliment our world-class data center services by providing you with an industry leading expert team to manage your application infrastructure. Our Professional Services provide on-demand database and systems administration, networking, performance analysis and tuning, monitoring, and overall systems configurations to meet your business needs by providing accurate and timely responses.

Our expertise includes J2EE, .NET, PHP, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows, and Linux environments.


 High Performance Network  
Ensure superior performance of your applications through a unique network architecture combined with patented route-control technology, providing stable, predictable, internet performance with high performance 1Gbps switching capacity and guaranteed 100 percent operational uptime is our commitment to providing the very best network performance available.


 Network Performance - Last 30 Days
  • Latency: 37.3088 ms
  • Packet Loss: 0.0458%
  • Network Availability: 100%
  • Jitter: 0.01131 ms